CWM Account Setup

Step 1.Enter Your Phone Number
Step 2.Enter OTP – One Time Password
– This code will be texted to the phone number you entered in the previous step
Step 3. This is your Dashboard!
First – Select your ConnectWithMe Phone Number
Step 4.Pick your CWM Number by entering any combination of area code or text/numbers for the last digits of the number. 
Click Update List to update the available numbers with your selections
Once you find a number you like, click “Select”
Step 5.Back on the Dashboard, set your rates
You can set a Per Minute rate, or a package rate for a set amount of time.
If you choose the package rates, you can offer up to 2 different package options.
You can view which rate you have currently active on the Dashboard
Step 6.On the Dashboard, record your available and unavailable greetings.
Select “record available greeting” and you will receive a call from 1-800-296-2255.  Follow the prompts on the phone call to record your greeting.

Your available greeting should tell your callers a little about you and what they will get for connecting on the phone with you.  You do not need to mention your rate, since that will be played to the caller separate from your greetings.
Step 7.You can now receive calls!  On the Dashbard, click on the red phone icon on the bottom when you are available for calls.  The icon will turn green when you are available.  When you do not want to receive calls, click the icon again and it will turn back to red and any callers will hear your unavailable greeting
Step 8.In Order to get paid, you will need to complete your other To Do items on the Dashboard.

Add your Payout information
Step 9.Verify your ID
Follow the prompts to upload a picture of you holding your ID.
Make sure, before submitting the image, that your face is clear and that you can read the name and the birthdate on the ID.
Step 10.Verify your Email Address
It’s important to verify your email address in order for our support team to find your account if you ever need email assistance.
You will also receive tips, and promotions from our marketing team.
Submit your email address, then enter the code that was emailed to you and click verify.

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